Sunday, December 14, 2014

Back to 'olden' times

   As I've mentioned to my forum friends, we've been painting the kitchen here at the casa de chaos.   It's been going a bit more slowly than expected (we're doing this around DH's work schedule).

   All the shifting has left us without a microwave oven for the past week or so.  It's no problem to plan meals that can be cooked in the oven or on the stove top, but how to reheat the leftovers?  I remember my DM had a stove-top oven in the pre-microwave days, but I have no such thing.

  So, a bit of thinking.  Some things obviously could be reheated in the oven:  pizza, chicken pieces wrapped in foil.  But what to do with pasta in sauce, or a cooked rice dish?  My solution:  a small skillet.

I've had to be a bit more patient:  chicken needs more than 2 minutes to warm up in the oven, and rice and pasta have to be watched and stirred.  And I actually have to use my kettle to warm up water for a single cup of tea. ;)  But all in all, it works.  

But I still look forward to having my microwave back in place.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Safety alert

   Thought I'd pass this on, since most of us are out and about for holiday shopping.

    The police in my city are warning of a "flat tire" scam that's going on at some area supermarkets and drug stores.   In this scam, a person slashes or punctures the tire of a vehicle in the parking lot.  When the victim returns to find the flat, this person appears and aggressively offers to change the tire and asks for money in return.

     Police are telling folks to go back into the store and call them (and report it to the store manager).
     I'd suggest parking near the door, or another busy area in the lot, if possible --- might discourage someone from messing with your car.

     Always something, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is it frugal not to flush?

    If you're squeamish, I might suggest you don't read this over breakfast ....

    Came across this story about the merits of not flushing after ... er ... number one.   There are certainly strong arguments for it:   water conservation,  savings on the water/sewer bills.
     But then again, there's the "ick" factor.  There are certain things you may not want to smell in your house.  And it's not something I'd do in a public setting, or someone else's house. To me, that would be rude.

    Now, I admit there are times we don't flush at the casa de chaos ... middle of the night trips to the bathroom being one.  (No sense in waking up the household for something that can wait a couple of hours.)

Anyway, here's the story.   What do you think?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Wishing all of my friends in the U.S. a happy, safe and frugal Thanksgiving Day!

   And once again, I'm thankful for everyone who stops by to read my words.  

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Well, that sure didn't work

    I had an appointment earlier this week ... not to a place where I could wear jeans ... so I was getting my clothes ready the night before.

   As I was cleaning up my dress shoes, the cap fell off one of the heels.  OK .. I'll glue it back on.

   Unfortunately, the glue was dried up.   It's late ... now what?

    I spied the silicone sealant.  Well, it holds plumbing fixtures together. Why not?  

    And it did hold ... until I was walking out of the parking garage.  Then the cap came off again, and I had to clump the three blocks to the appointment ... and back.

    I made it ... it wasn't too noticeable, though I probably didn't do the heel much good.   So I'll either have to get some better glue, or find a proper shoe repair shop. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Single servings

   I've seen an interesting sale trend at one of the area supermarkets:  single servings of meat.

   This week, it's a 4 oz pork chop for $1.25.  Last couple of weeks it's been an 8 oz steak (different cuts) for around $4.99.

    I find this interesting because many of this chain's stores have meat counters, where a shopper could purchase one chop or steak or chicken breast .. etc.

   Perhaps this is targeted toward singles or couples who don't want to buy a package of  chops, or who might be willing to "splurge" on a steak or two. (This particular chain operates in a couple of areas where this is the demographic.) 
   Or maybe it's just a method of disguising the fact that meat prices are on the high side....


Monday, November 10, 2014

Dollar store thanksgiving

    The dollar stores here have ramped up their grocery offerings in the past couple of years. I've noticed lately that they've been featuring their holiday food offerings.   So for the heck of it, I decided to tally up the number of items that could be used in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Here's what I found:

No turkey or ham, though I did find pork loin chops and turkey bacon.

Side dishes

8 ounce box of instant mashed potatoes (or an 8 ounce box of sweet potatoes Au gratin)
3-pack box of brown gravy mix
6 ounce box of stuffing
1 lb bag of frozen mixed vegetables -- various kinds (this store also has canned vegetables for 79 cents each)
15 ounce can of yams
1 quart of boxed milk or 20 ounces of fresh milk if needed for potatoes or gravy.

No traditional pumpkin pie fixings here.  However, there were 9-inch graham cracker crusts, and 21-ounce cans of lemon or chocolate pie filling.  
16 ounce can of whipped topping for the pie.

(Note:  I'm not suggesting this is the way to go. I know some of these items are less expensive at the supermarkets.)

Actually, I was hoping for a bit more ... like cranberry sauce and pumpkin.  But there's another dollar store near my house, and I think it has a better grocery selection.  So I'll pop in to see what's available and report back.

Update:  The second store had most of the same items, though it did have canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie mix.  It also had cheese biscuit and sweet potato muffin mixes for a different twist.
    And while they had no traditional Thanksgiving meats, both stores had plenty of foil pans to cook them in!